Since 1988 in the Russian market
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ТМ Runway

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RUNWAY (TM) is automobile chemistry and automobile cosmetics made of high-quality American raw material at available price. This is one of the main competitive advantages of this trademark. Having appeared in early 2000s RUNWAY brand has become popular in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Baltic Countries.

RUNWAY is a guarantee of quality!

For the present, a wide range of high-quality automobile chemistry goods and automobile cosmetics is produced under RUNWAY trademark: polishers, shampoos, cabin and body care products, sealants, oil additives, specialized cleaners for motor, carburetor, injector and fuel system in general, air cleaners and others.

Advantages of RUNWAY trademark:

  • Combination of quality and reasonable price
  • Bright and recognizable design
  • Various convenient package
  • Wide range of production, which can meet any need of a driver
  • High-quality raw material, which provides high quality of products
  • Well-developed distribution system.

All permits and certificates necessary for trade in the territory of the Russian Federation are available.