Since 1988 in the Russian market
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Our Company worked with different producers, choosing the best in the market of automobile industry. In 2014, the Company presents trademarks as AUTO DOCTOR, RUNWAY, RUNWAY RACING, RUNWAY PERFUME and MAGICLINE. The whole range of means necessary for repair and service of automobile is presented in the series: automobile chemistry, automobile cosmetics, fuel additives, sealants, accessories and complement goods.

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You can buy AUTO DOCTOR, RUNWAY, RUNWAY RACING and MAGICLINE products in the network of hypermarkets as Karusel, Okey, Lenta, Maksidom, Dixy, K-Rauta and in the network of petrol stations as LUKOIL, FAETON, PTK, Bashneft, in the oldest shop of the city named Oils and Lubricants and other specialized shops and shops of petrol stations.

Since 2007, POISK CC releases a new RUNWAY RACING brand. RUNWAY RACING automobile accessories include multifunctional modern convenient organizers, vacuum cleaners for wet and dry cleaning of cabin and compressor. Guarantee for all products of Runway Racing series makes 3 years.

In 2005, POISK CC released new aerosol spray-on paint under MAGICLINE trademark. The whole range of MAGICLINE paints is produced pursuant to technology and under control of Doctor Chemical Corp. Company. MAGICLINE aerosol acrylic spray-on paints of extensive use for external and internal works have good anti-corrosion properties and extremely high resistance to mechanical and atmosphere damages. Unique composition of paint is made on the basis of high strength synthetic gum with glossy finish. MAGICLINE offers acrylic paints, fluorescent and thermo paints, acrylic primer and a wide range of metallic colours.

In early 2000s, for the first time in Russia we started packaging of American automobile cosmetics and automobile chemistry goods made by Doctor Chemical Corporation under RUNWAY trademark. Raw material for products is supplied to Russia by Doctor Chemical Corp., an American Corporation. Package is made in Russia and CIS countries pursuant to American standards.

For the present, a wide range of high-quality automobile chemistry goods and automobile cosmetics is produced under RUNWAY trademark: polishers, shampoos, cabin and body care products, different sealants, oil additives, specialized cleaners for motor, carburetor, injector and fuel systems, air cleaners and many others. All permits and certificates necessary for trade in the territory of the Russian Federation are available.

Since 1996, our Company is an exclusive representative of Doctor Chemical Corporation, an American Corporation, in Russia, producing high-quality products known to Russian customer under AUTO DOCTOR trade name. Products under this brand are the most saleable goods in the sphere of automobile chemistry goods and automobile cosmetics, while Doctor Chemical Corporation is among the biggest chemical concerns of the United States of America. AUTO DOCTOR offers a wide range of car care products (by wholesale and at retail). Among them are different cleaners for cabin and for body, shampoos, polishers, special agents for cleaning of carburetor, injectors, fuel systems, radiators, sealants for motor and for hydraulic steering booster, service liquids and others. Offered production has all necessary certificates and detailed annotations in the Russian language and promotional materials.

POISK Consolidated Commercial Company founded in 1988 is the oldest and the most famous company in the market of car care products in Saint Petersburg, Moscow and many regions of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Our company presents a wide range of trademarks as AUTO DOCTOR, RUNWAY, RUNWAY RACING and MAGICLINE. A wide range of means necessary for repair and maintenance of your car: automobile chemistry goods and automobile cosmetics, oils and additives, sealants, accessories and complement goods.