Since 1988 in the Russian market
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Runway Racing

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RUNWAY RACING (TM) is automobile accessories for every occasion. Since 2007, POISK CC introduces to the market a new brand for drivers.

RUNWAY RACING automobile accessories include multifunctional modern convenient organizers, vacuum cleaners for wet and dry cleaning of cabin and compressor, brooms for snow and ice, brooms, sponges and clothes for automobile washing, cables, start-up cables and others. The range is being constantly developed.

Advantages of RUNWAY RACING (TM) products:

  • Correspondence to the last world tendencies
  • High quality of goods
  • Wide range, including all necessary automobile accessories.

Recent development in the series will be useful for dog owners: a convenient seat cover for dogs and automobile dog-lead, which allow carrying dogs with comfort.
Guarantee for Runway Racing products series makes 3 years.