Since 1988 in the Russian market
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ТМ MagicLine

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MagicLine (TM) is a series of aerosol acrylic spray-on paints and coloring pencils, made using the most modern technologies under control of Doctor Chemical Corp., an American Company. Present in the Russian market since 2005.

Unique composition made on the basis of high strength synthetic gum with glossy finish. Range of its application is wider than for paints made on the basis of acrylic resin due to high resistance of this paint to organic solvents and benzine.

Wide range of MagicLine colours allows realizing even the most extravagant ideas, while the range includes not only aerosol acrylic spray-on paints, but also fluorescent and high temperature paints, metallic paint, as well as acrylic primers and transparent varnishes.

Hammer Paint aerosol spray-on paint for metal is among recent developments. Hammer Paint can be used immediately on corroded surface.

Advantages of MAGICLINE (TM) aerosol spray-on paints:

  • It doesn’t need preliminary dilution, ready for use
  • Easy to use. Can be sprayed from the balloon together with air particles, thus reducing drying time
  • Spray-on paint can be used many times over a period for several years. Unlike traditional paints in tins it will not get dry
  • It has a wide range of colours. Bright colours
  • Can be widely used, MagicLine paints can be applied for painting of different surfaces. High mechanical resistance.