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AutoDoctor (ТМ) is a trademark of Doctor Chemical Corporation, an American Company, one of the biggest chemical concerns of the USA. History of successful development of AutoDoctor trade mark begins in 1999. It was then that technologists of the Company have developed several unique compositions which due to their specific components restored and protected automobile from the inside, simultaneously affecting the surface and protecting it from destruction, while time respects neither metal of which automobile is made, nor dignity of an automobile. The brand got its AutoDoctor name while AutoDoctor automobile chemical goods and automobile cosmetics help auto enthusiasts protect and take care of their cars.

Advantages of AUTODOCTOR (ТМ) products:

  • Unique composition protecting and restoring automobile from the inside and from the outside
  • American raw material and innovation components
  • Wide range of automobile chemistry goods and automobile cosmetics
  • Doctor for your automobile
  • Compact convenient package. Simple and convenient use.

For the present, under AutoDoctor brand we develop and release products which enable every driver to keep his/her automobile clean, fit and "healthy" without making special efforts. Convenient compact package helps every driver to make a first aid kit for his/her car.

In recent years, AutoDoctor products have been improved taking into account market characteristics and climate of Russia and CIS countries. Several years ago economists of the Company have decided to replace the manufacture from the USA to Russia and the People's Republic of China. This replacement allowed carrying our operative management of overall production, quickly improving products composition (including manufacture of product batches with necessary changes in composition according to a client’s demand) and excluding from the product price customs extra charges and delivery price.

The whole group of AutoDoctor MEDIUM-class products is characterized by simplicity in usage, high quality of goods, wide range and reasonable price.

All products are manufactured under control of Doctor Chemical Corp. 9639 Hillcroft, Houston, 77096-3805, TX, USA. POISK Commercial and Manufacturing Company is an exclusive distributor of Doctor Chemical Corp. in Russia.